Book Keeping

Searching for a Bookkeeper?

One can choose between bookkeepers and accountants. For most SMEs, a bookkeeper is the cheaper option and will still be able to help you out with everything you need. If you match two out of the three criteria below, you are obliged to consult an accountant instead. In other cases, a bookkeeper will be able to do the job perfectly.

  1. Assets on the balance sheet > 5.5 mio euros
  2. Revenue > 12 mio euro’s
  3. > 50 staff members on your payroll

It is important to find yourself the right bookkeeper for your enterprise. Since you’re here, on our website, we are confident you are looking in the right direction!

For reference: our legal partners also refer their clients to us, since we specialize in companies with foreign mother companies.

SFAA is your go-to bookkeeper in Amsterdam

Do you prefer to work on your corebusiness instead of thinking about the VAT return? Do you want to outsource your bookkeeping and financial tasks? Do you value transparent bookkeeping, allowing you to check in wherever you are, even on a phone, tablet or laptop? Then SFAA is your ideal financial partner: transparent and always ensuring your numbers are correct and up to date.

SFAA Makes Bookkeeping Easy

Thanks to our app, you can easily scan your receipts and invoices while we take care of the rest. That might sound simple – and it actually is! If you are not able to visit our office physically, we always start off with an introduction through Skype, zoom, hangouts or any other program you want to use. During this introduction, you will download the app and instructions will be given on how to use and navigate everything. We will be around every step of the way, making sure all goes well.

Always have access to your numbers

We think it is important to allow you to monitor your company’s financial performance at every second. That is why we work with online bookkeeping programs: Exact Online and Yuki. that way you can always see your income, expenses, and profit.

Exact Online

With this online bookkeeping program, we automatize a big part of your administration, making bookkeeping more insightful and comfortable. Online bookkeeping also saves a lot of time, thanks to the smooth connection between Exact Online and your bank account. You can choose your own language to make it really easy for you to read the numbers.


Like Exact this also is an online bookkeeping program, by using plugins a big part of the administration can be automated. That way it is easy and quick for you to do your part and efficient and flawless for our part. Depending on the complexity of your administration we decide wether Yuki or Exact is the best option.

Transfer Service

We know outsourcing your bookkeeping can be a real pain. SFAA will make the transfer as smooth as possible for you. We will contact your old bookkeeper and get all of the paperwork sorted. We will make sure the transfer is done as quickly as possible.
We don’t stop there. We will make sure you find your way in online bookkeeping, explaining everything about the apps and programs in a personal meeting. We fully understand not everyone is acquainted with financial apps and online bookkeeping programs yet.

Your Personal Financial Hero

From the very first moment that you outsource your bookkeeping to SFAA, you will be connected to a contact person who remains your go-to contact for every step of the way. He or she knows you and everything about your financial picture, and is therefore in the best position to help.


Your regular contact person does not work alone. Our team consists of a group of math wizards, fiscal all-rounders, smart business experts, and financial heroes. With all this knowledge and expertise combined, we can truly help you excel. This allows SFAA to basically be a complete financial department to your business, physically from a distance, but practically always ready to help.

What We Arrange for You

  • Record purchase invoices
  • Record sales invoices
  • Check your automatic bank link.
  • Provide insight of the cash receipts and expenses.
  • Provide the VAT return and intra-community service.
  • Prepare financial statements.
  • Competent and financial advice
  • Set up the complete bookkeeping system for a start-up
  • Optimize the bookkeeping of an existing company.
  • Help opening a bank account, or filing documents at the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Deliver the annual numbers to consolidate with aligned companies in foreign countries.