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Since 2005, Our Team Has Succeeded In Understanding The Needs Financial Consultancy Creating Reliable Products To Serve Them All.

(CAS) Centurion Actuarial Services is a leading financial investment company providing corporate finance and advisory services to corporations, financial institutions, governments and high net-worth individuals primarily in the Middle East region.

Our team comprises seasoned international investment bankers with experience gained in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Their track record includes corporate and project finance deals in the retail, hotel, real estate, restaurant, health care, education, manufacturing, banking, insurance, telecommunications, media, technology, infrastructure, and utilities sectors.

The firm’s four principal lines of business are Financial Feasibility and Valuations, Financial Structuring, Transaction Execution, and Financial Management. Within and across these lines of business, our capabilities extend across a wide range of origination, structuring, transaction execution, and financial management services..

We recognize that every investor has different priorities, objectives and concerns. Centurion Actuarial Services ‘ investment philosophy and procedures emphasize the proper and personal care of the individual investor. We believe that every client has the right to receive a genuinely unique service: Centurion Actuarial Services, as an independent company, is able to draw on the investment research of other leading security houses. We have a team of professionals with wide experience of financial markets who bring a top-down, global approach to our investment process. Our independence also allows us to select the best products available.

We recognize that we stand or fall by our long-term investment performance Centurion Actuarial Services seeks to invest in high quality companies with long-term growth potential.

Our mission

Our renowned coaching programs will allow you to:

Our mission is to be a leading financial advisory house in the region. This mission is being achieved through:

A commitment to the highest international standards in all aspects of our work:
This commitment extends to the quality and professionalism of the services we provide, as well as to the absolute integrity of our dealings with clients and the market. Respect for the importance of treating entrusted information with confidentiality, for transparency, and for the fiduciary responsibilities we have towards both our clients and investors or lenders in our transactions are cornerstones of our work philosophy. Strict adherence to these values has earned us respect and a reputation for quality and reliability in the marketplace.

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