Financial Administration Outsourcing

Administration in the Cloud

Do you want to outsource your financial administration, and still be able to see how you are doing financially? CAS is the solution: we’ll take care of your administration in the cloud. You don’t need to worry about different files, folders, or complicated tools. We host your administration online, directly in the administration program. Doing the administration in the cloud saves a lot of time and money. It is simple, resulting in a better financial overview. We work with apps and online tools to make your administration as quick and efficient as possible. Bookkeeping 3.0 as we say. All in order to give you more time to focus on your business.

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Easy bookkeeping, thanks to administration software, apps, and tools.
We aim to automate as much as possible, making things easier for you as an entrepreneur. You do not have to worry about your financial administration: we take care of it. We host the administration in the cloud, working directly in the bookkeeping program. You can monitor how you are doing financially at any moment, anywhere.
The goal of outsourcing your financial administration is saving you a lot of time. That is why we work as easy and efficient as possible, using online financial tools and products.

Your remote financial department

From our office in Amsterdam, we arrange the financial administration for all kinds of companies.
From freelancers to prominent SMEs, we know what we are talking about. We enable the entrepreneur to focus on their business as much as possible. By outsourcing your financial administration, you’ll have more time to focus on other business tasks while we work for you. Consider us your remote financial department. With our team, we can take care of your financial administration partially or completely.

What Can We Do?

– Record purchase invoices
– Upload automatic bank transactions
– Tax return VAT, intra-community service, and corporate tax
– Prepare financial statements and file them at the Chamber of Commerce.
– Prepare business specific reports.
– Prepare financial analyses or forecasts.

There is More

You can outsource your entire financial administration to CAS. But there is more. The financial professionals of CAS do not just look at the financial process: they also look at your business administration. What can be improved? How can you save more costs? How can you optimize your organization processes? How do you improve your chance to get a loan from the bank? These are just some of the questions we can help your company with.