Arthur KlaasChief Compliance Officer

Chief Compliance officer, Arthur Klaas joined Centurion Actuarial Consulting on 4th January 2013, after he stepped away from running his family’s multi-million Dollars construction business.

Coming from an entrepreneurial family, Consultancy business is in his blood. He joined the family business in 2000 as an intern Software developer, and over the years worked his way up through the ranks.

First entering the office environment in 2000 as an admin assistant, within 12 months he was running the entire purchasing department for the business. He went on to managing the company manufacturing facility alongside his purchasing role, and was officially made a director in 2012.

After handing over the manufacturing facility, he moved on to managing the multiple contracts and sites operated by the business all over the world.

In 2005, he hired his first business mentor and together with his fellow directors created explosive growth that saw their sales more than double from €2.2m to €4.5m in the short space of just 12 months, which saw Arthur leading a team of 20.

He was the driving force behind creating the systems needed to thrive as a business, and during his time with the company built many departments from scratch, including completely re-structuring the business in January 2009 to install the solid foundations that were needed to ease their growing pains, and ensure a financially healthy business.

Arthur had started doing some freelance consultancy working with other business owners on their business strategy throughout 2012, and hasn’t looked back.
Since then he’s worked with scores of businesses across the Europe helping start-ups to stay compliant with EU, USA and Canada laws.
Arthur is results focused, and his core values of integrity, honesty and operational excellence are reflected in every aspect of his work.

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